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I started making cheesecakes back in 2014 with my mom.  I enjoyed it so much I decided to make them on my own. Before long, friends and family were requesting my cheesecakes. In 2017 I started EK's Cheesecakes while working full time as a certified maintenance technician. I made an Instagram page in mid October and gave a few cheesecakes to some friends for free. Snapped a few pictures before I delivered them and put them on my page. I had almost 15 cheesecakes to make for Thanksgiving the following month. After making all of them in less than a week I realized this is what I love to do. This is now my passion. I enjoy doing research for new flavor combinations and I get inspired by other desserts I see around the world. I now work at Zingerman's Bakehouse baking bread. I love baking so much I switched careers to follow what I enjoy. Maybe one day I’ll have my own store front...


Since the pandemic things have changed for the better for my cheesecake business. A friend posted my business on a "Moms 2 Mom's" FB page right before Mother's Day and I had as many orders as I get for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then my business made a few "Black Owned Business" lists and once again the orders flooded in. For the first time since I started in 2017 I am filling orders for complete strangers through word of mouth and these FB pages. I went from making maybe one or two a week (on a good week haha) to averaging several cheesecakes a day. I'm truly blessed and beyond grateful for you guys.